Why Star Health?

  • 90% of cashless claims settled in less than 2 hours.
  • 6 Easy Steps for Cashless Claim Process. Avail Cashless Benefits Across 9300+ Hospitals.
  • Hassle free and customer friendly direct claim settlement without intervention of TPA
  • 6,34,692 claims settled in the financial year 2018-2019.
  • Rs.2552.30 Crs of claims settled in the financial year 2018-2019.
  • Wide range of health insurance products from family floater schemes to senior citizen health coverage.
  • Pre & Post hospital medical expenses. Up to 100% increase in sum insured up on a claim free renewal.

What We Offer?

Star Comprehensive health insurance:
Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy offers wide coverage for the entire family under a single sum insured option. This plan also includes extraordinary features such as cashless hospitalization benefits with no capping on room rent and treatment costs, coverage for outpatient Dental & Ophthalmic treatments, maternity cover, free health checkup and much more with guaranteed lifetime renewals.

Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet:
Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet is a health insurance policy exclusively meant for Senior citizens aged between 60 to 75 years with guaranteed renewals beyond 75 years.This plan brings a whole lot of exciting features such as No pre-medical hassles, Pre-existing diseases covered from 1st year of policy, Higher Sum Insured coverage etc.

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What We Offer & Others dont

Cashless Approvals 2 Hour 4 Hours - 1 Day
Average Claim Settlement 15 Days 1 Month
Claims Handling In House claim settlement TPA
Network Hospitals 9300+ 3000-4000
24X7 TeleMedical Assistance Provided Majority of others dont provide.
24X7 TeleMedical Assistance Provided Majority of others dont provide.
Pre Medical Screening
Completely Borne by our Company Partially Borne
Value Added Services Available NA
Lifetime Renewal Guaranteed Offered

Did You Know?

Why Health Insurance in India is a must?

Health industry is advancing in a competent pace with the invention of new equipment’s and technology. Private hospitals provide a competent treatment in terms of quality and technology. Everyone opt for a quality treatment which is considerably expensive. Health Insurance reduces this burden and paves way for easy access to quality health to all. It is an absolute security for family and aids you at the time of emergency and minimizes your monetary burdens.

Is there an Income Tax exemption under Health policy?

Premium paid under the Health insurance Policy is exempted from Income Tax under section 80D of the Income Tax Act up to Rs.25,000 for individual covering his family and dependent Children.

In case the proposer intends to cover his parents under medical insurance, he is eligible for a deduction of another Rs.30,000 under section 80D.

In case the age of parent to be covered is above 65 years, the deduction available is Rs.20,000 under section 80D.

What are the expenses covered by a health insurance?

A Health Insurance Policy ideally covers -

  • In-Patient Treatment - Pays for the expenses incurred in hospitalization due to an illness or accident. It covers charges for medical practitioner, nursing, ICU charges, medicine, room rent and other related charges.
  • Pre-Hospitalization - Expenses incurred due to the illness immediately before hospitalization.
  • Post - Hospitalization - Expenses incurred immediately after the discharge from hospital.
  • Day - care procedures - Expenses for the cases that donot require 24 hours hospitalization.

What do you mean by Cashless Hospitalization?

In the event of hospitalization, the patient or their family will have a bill to pay the hospital. Under Cashless Hospitalization the patient does not settle the hospitalization expenses at the time of discharge from hospital. The settlement is done directly by Star Health Insurance.

What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?

Any number of claims is allowed during the policy period. However the sum insured is the maximum limit under the policy.

What is the Family Floater Plan?

One single policy takes care of the hospitalization expenses of your entire family. Family Floater Health Plan takes care of all the medical expenses during sudden illness, surgeries and accidents.

What are the crucial factors to check with the health insurance policy?

  • List of hospitals tied up with the insurance company.
  • Exclusions in the policy should be read thoroughly to avoid chaos at the time of claim.

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